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01 August 2013 @ 11:55 pm
When I'm in the Eye of my Storms..~  
It's been ages..., and I mean the last time I posted in here I was 19, now I am already 20!!
well, my age isn't relevant to what I am going to divulge in here.. (^_^)/
And I am not going to talk about that recent news regarding our dear English man Okamoto Keito as well..
I don't know why I can't see any related post about that in my friends' page... why?!


so much for that.. I have finally, finally, FINALLLEEEEEYYYY held my hands or my eyes rather to Yuto's latest dorama -- "HANZAWA NAOKI". And I was like, KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!~ For the facts that:

  • Yuto in BUSINESS SUIT! Oh my.. I hope my dear won't ever read this and know I am flailing over someone else..

  • It fuels my inspiration to actually attain my spur-of-the-moment dream, which is to work in a bank!

  • I admire the personality of the main character! DOUBLE PAYBACK! Gambatte kudasai!~

As a graduate of Accountancy, I know I will be dealing with the harsh reality of financial world the time I land my first job (because I'm currently reviewing for the Licensure Exam, please pray for me!!) and somehow, everything that I imagine about our field of work root from theories, books. Yes, of course we had OJTs and stuffs but it's different when you know something like as big as 500M yen is on your back.. especially to me who is so soft, weak and I can't imagine myself fighting those ruthless, shameless tycoons like Higashida on the dorama.. (Can I just watch anime first and asked the Mugiwara Pirates to help me?!)


Too much babbling, I am really happy that this is what I'm talking about to you on my first post of the ages.. It actually infused my confusing number-filled real world to the fandom I badly miss.. (T___T)~
How are you minna-san?!!
Does Yuto-kun already has a girlfriend too?!
Hehehe! Peace!


I should be studying my Practical Accounting 1 right now and promised myself to finish it tonight but I ended watching the dorama! This is really bad!! (>___<) I'll be in dire situation tomorrow! NOO!!~
But well, something actually pulled me to watch this when I was just searching about random things.. Maybe this is what God wanted and planned me to do instead of studying.. I liked the feeling of watching Hanzawa-kun fighting and all, with Yuto scramming as a newbie.. Hopefully, one day, I can meet a senpai in the workplace like Hanzawa-kun! dedicated and gives importance to people he is dealing with...


SO, that's it for now..
I hope I can tune in to the dorama until it ends!

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sewitchessewitches on August 4th, 2013 03:59 pm (UTC)
Welcome back!!
I'm also very happy you wrote something after so much time and it's about this :)
I'm also watching this drama of course :D Flailing all the time. But not just that of course. It's really interesting and I love the main character. I really admire Sakai Masato, he has great acting skills. I'm also very happy Yuto have a chance to act alongside this great actor + it's going to be a hit (I hope) and that's good for Yuto.
Anyway, I know we don't keep in touch much, but I always think about you...and do your best!! Good luck!
Btw....I was actually thinking to go for a trip to Phillipines sometime, because it's a good chance now, when I'm so near. What do you think?:D
columbine: yuto-coolcolumbin3 on August 10th, 2013 02:56 pm (UTC)
KYAAA!! Simona-chan!!! I'm happy that you also watch this drama!! (^___^) Ohh, I don't actually know the main actor but he is really good ne!~
I like how he act, so realistic (for me). Yeah, this may be a great opportunity for Yuto.
Yeah, but it's okay, I understand plus I know like me you are terribly busy as well.. Thank you very much! God bless you!! :)
Oh, that would be great! but the weather here nowadays is somewhat bad, it's raining everyday and there's so much flooding.. (>_<)
Well, it's rainy season in Japan too, right??