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24 September 2013 @ 02:33 pm
Before I go back to my gloomy room full of accounting related stuffs and frying my brains for the entire day, let me offer a few moments to commemorate the fandom that fueled my motivation for some time, made me enjoy life on a different level, led me to meet wonderful people who I would never have any other chance to do so and gave me new hope for achieving my dreams......




Sorry for the word 'commemorate', haha!
The group seemed so old...
Anyway, I wouldn't officially call myself a TOBIKKO not because I am in the mood to be a rebel or stand out, but because of the fact that I am a fan that grew up in this fandom loving 10 guys.., not just 9 -- sadly. I also have many faults as a fangirl, neglecting too many opportunities and obligations for the betterment of the group. And lastly, I am still on INDEFINITE HIATUS, popping out of nowhere on who knows when...
So, no, I am not a TOBIKKO.., yet.
But I am an ancient Hey!Say!JUMP fangirl.. (^___^)
back to the days when Ultra Music Power was a pleasurable ear worm..

So the the lovely, adorkable, gorgeous, handsome, talented, sexy, hardworking Hey!Say!JUMP boys, OMEDETOU!!
Will see each other some time in the future..
Keep fighting!!~
Don't, don't, don't give up! Hey!

maena desu!

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